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Customized Wallpaper Designs - Wallpaper Designs

Customized wallpaper designs are offered by Starlight Expert Painting & Decorating in Middle Village, New York. We install or change your wallpaper, as well as offer finishing services for your wall.


When you want new wallpaper in your home or office building, call our team. To ensure the smoothest and cleanest surface for application, we assess the level of preparations needed. To save you money, we take measurements on how much paper is needed and order the correct amount for you.

If you have existing wallpaper that you want to remove, we provide removal services and faux finishing based on the condition of your walls. Quotes may change once your actual wall is revealed underneath the wallpaper. Our faux finishing includes:

 • Ragging  • Sponging  • Strié Striping
Contact us to start creating your new wallpaper designs.